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Tintin and Asterix have been in print for fuck knows how long, and they’re still going, basically because they’re still a brilliant and fabulous way to get your kids to start reading. (Parents hint)

Nobody’s done anything to replace that in comic s for quite a while. We thought, Let’s create a setup which is family friendly, Looks good, Its a bit funny and a bit scary too.

So we’ve come up with Farthing and Hicks ( by Alan Mitchell and Glenn Fabry )

I live by the sea.

The sea here in the south of England can get quite biblical if the weather’s bad. I don’t think I’d like to go work on the sea, seems pretty dangerous really, everything under the surface eats everything else, Its like a horrifying restaurant, The worst place to go on a date plus drowning. However, it’s possibly adventuresome, And if you live at home and don’t go out there’s a vicarious pleasure to be taken from the exploits of those that do. If you work for comics, 90% of the time you don’t go out. It’s crap unless you’re an editor. I’d love to be an editor. “that’s shit, that’s shit, that wouldn’t work. Now piss off and try harder” I could do that. Editors are better paid than artists in the world of comics,but maybe not quite as well paid as writers.

Sample: Instruction: 2000 viking warriors ride down a mountain on motorbikes, they all carry severed heads of wolves – speech balloon “aaargh” Writers job done. Artist: This will take bloody ages if its going to be any good.

Farthing and Hicks (G. Fabry, Alan Mitchell again)

So basically we want a seafarer, An Adventurer as one of the heroes, because we like the sea. Mitchell is a huge fane of lovecraft (HP Lovecraft, Not the “love boat” TV series) so Krakens and Leviathans and whatnot should be in order. Fine, I like drawing monsters.

Drawing things that don’t exist.

Actually all of comic strips is drawing things that don’t exist unless you take photographs or find reference, which you can then use to copy off of. Everybody does this to a certain extent, or have done, because drawing things is quite hard, If you want to give it the quasi- realism expected of you. A really cartoony style can work without ref. A style like mine you need a bit of help sometimes.

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